9th edition of Turabian Manual released

A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth EditionA Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition

Chicago Style for Students and Researchers

Kate L. Turabian
Revised by Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, Joseph Bizup, William T. FitzGerald, and the University of Chicago Press Editorial Staff
464 pages |  April 16, 2018
Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing
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When Kate L. Turabian first put her famous guidelines to paper, she could hardly have imagined the world in which today’s students would be conducting research. Yet while the ways in which we research and compose papers may have changed, the fundamentals remain the same: writers need to have a strong research question, construct an evidence-based argument, cite their sources, and structure their work in a logical way. A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations—also known as “Turabian”—remains one of the most popular books for writers because of its timeless focus on achieving these goals.

This new edition filters decades of expertise into modern standards. While previous editions incorporated digital forms of research and writing, this edition goes even further to build information literacy, recognizing that most students will be doing their work largely or entirely online and on screens. Chapters include updated advice on finding, evaluating, and citing a wide range of digital sources and also recognize the evolving use of software for citation management, graphics, and paper format and submission. The ninth edition is fully aligned with the recently released Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, as well as with the latest edition of The Craft of Research.

Teachers and users of the previous editions will recognize the familiar three-part structure. Part 1 covers every step of the research and writing process, including drafting and revising. Part 2 offers a comprehensive guide to Chicago’s two methods of source citation: notes-bibliography and author-date. Part 3 gets into matters of editorial style and the correct way to present quotations and visual material.  A Manual for Writers also covers an issue familiar to writers of all levels: how to conquer the fear of tackling a major writing project.

Through eight decades and millions of copies, A Manual for Writers has helped generations shape their ideas into compelling research papers. This new edition will continue to be the gold standard for college and graduate students in virtually all academic disciplines.



Logos monthly free ebook (Apr)

Between the Cross and the Throne: The Book of Revelation

In Between the Cross and the Throne, Matthew Emerson brings one of the least-understood books in the Bible to life for the modern Christian. Revelation was written to a community facing a period of trial and persecution. John wanted to remind his readers that God, not Satan, is ultimately sovereign and victorious. In conversational tone, Emerson takes us through the book of Revelation, explaining the deep themes often missed within the book’s complex imagery. He reminds us: We live between the time of Christ’s coming and Christ’s return—and in this tension, we can have hope.


[Kindle] Eerdmans' Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series

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  • socio-rhetorical perspective (if you don't know what it is, see here)
  • all the current volumes (Matthew, Mark, Romans, 1&2Cor, Phil, 1&2Thess, Philm-Col.-Eph, & Gal) are nice and readable
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Logos&Verbum monthly free ebook (Mar)

From Bondage to Liberty: The Gospel according to Moses

It is difficult to overestimate Moses’ importance to the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation. Moses is arguably the most significant Old Testament figure because of his unique role as mediator of the old covenant. In this sense, Moses is a precursor to Jesus Christ who is the mediator of a new and better covenant. This insightful volume focuses on the redemptive-historical aspects of Moses’ life and ministry as manifested in the books of Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

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A Theology of James: Wisdom for God’s PeopleA Theology of James: Wisdom for God’s People

In A Theology of James, Chris Morgan lays out a coherent biblical theology of the epistle of James, connecting the particulars of the book to the big picture of the Bible. With Chris Morgan’s helpful analysis, readers will find James’ message to be both grounded in theology—and livable.

  • This month's freebie from Verbum (Logos' Catholic counterpart) is not bad too:

Light in Darkness: Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Catholic Doctrine of Christ’s Descent into Hell

By Alyssa Lyra Pitstick / Eerdmans / 2007

  • For FaithLife ebook (an old one but moving testimony):

Tortured for Christ

Richard Wurmbrand suffered 14 years in underground prison cells, months in solitary confinement, and years of physical torture. His only crimes were his fervent belief in Jesus Christ and his public witness for that faith. Richard Wurmbrand exposed the persecution of Christians by atheistic Communist governments—his testimony shocked the Western world.

Free audio-book of the month (Mar) on parenting


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Christian parenting is hard work--and it's getting harder. Parents have a deep desire to pass on their faith, but fear that today's increasingly skeptical and hostile world will eventually lead their kids to reject the truth of Christianity. That leaves parents feeling overwhelmed. This practical and timely resource gives parents the confidence of knowing what to discuss with their children and how to discuss it in order to facilitate impactful conversations that will form the basis of a lifelong faith.




  • 免費中英文聖經, 《活泉新约希腊文解经》, 《生命宝训注释系列》,《信徒圣经注释》, 導論介紹, 希臘文等
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Word Biblical Commentary eBook Sale

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  • free intro section from Bill Mounce's volume on the Pastoral Epistles


Free audio-book of the month (Feb): on marriage

Gary Thomas, A Lifelong Love: How to Have Lasting Intimacy, Friendship, and Purpose in Your Marriage

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Gary Thomas believes couples often settle for too little when it comes to marriage. We fail to understand how deeply God cares about our spouse. We diminish our need to not only understand what biblical love really is, but also to become a people who excel at it. We let ourselves drift apart instead of making the daily choices to grow closer together.

For a table of contents, check out here
  • While Christianaudio and Logos/Verbum have regular monthly freebies, I only post those I think good enough for seminarians to keep (and this is one of them). 


Logos monthly free e-book (Feb) -Bible Speaks Today

The Message of the Sermon on the Mount

"The followers of Jesus are to different," writes John Stott, "different from both the nominal church and the secular world, different from both the religious and the irreligious. The Sermon on the Mount is the most complete delineation anywhere in the New Testament of the Christian counter-culture. Here is a Christian value-system, ethical standard, religious devotion, attitude to money, ambition, lifestyle, and network of relationships--all of which are totally at variance with those in the non-Christian world. And this Christian counter-culture is the life of the kingdom of God, a fully human life indeed but lived out under the divine rule."

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The Message of EphesiansThe Message of Ephesians

"Millions have caught Karl Marx's vision of a New Man and a New Society. "Paul presents a greater vision still," writes John Stott. In his letter to the Ephesians the apostle "sees the human predicament as something even deeper than the injustice of the economic structure and so propounds a yet more radical solution. He writes of nothing less than a 'new creation.'"


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  • International Critical Commentary is noted for both its quality and critical stance; and it's very expensive too!
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Logos monthly free e-book (Jan) -Preaching commentary

Galatians: Gospel-rooted Living

What do you do when you’ve made a mess of things? Where do you go when you’ve blown it badly? How does the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ empower us to combat things like hypocrisy, pride, people-pleasing, and apostasy? Paul’s letter to the Galatians tells us what we need to know in these situations as he teaches us how to rely upon costly grace. In this fresh and engaging commentary, pastor Todd Wilson invites us to look beneath the surface of controversy in Galatia to the even more fundamental issue at stake: gospel-rooted living. Combining scholarly depth with practical wisdom, he offers us a soulful commentary based on years of ministry experience and biblical reflection. Read Galatians anew with this exegetically engaged, theologically informed, and pastorally minded resource!

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Preaching the Word: ProverbsPreaching the Word: Proverbs

Pastor and teacher Ray Ortlund unpacks the book of Proverbs in 21 straightforward sermons, providing a biblical worldview on everything from money, sex, and power to that of the daily routines of an average life. Drawing relevant parallels from ancient culture to present day, he helps us understand how the book of Proverbs is practical help for ordinary people going through everyday life

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2018 suggested bibliography for OT & NT studies (Denver Seminary)

Annotated Old Testament Bibliography 2018 by Hélène Dallaire, Knut Heim, and Richard S. Hess of Denver Seminary.
New Testament Exegesis Bibliography 2018 by William W. Klein, Craig L. Blomberg, David Mathewson, and Erin M. Heim of Denver Seminary.